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Japan Weather in September 2023, Travel Tips (for First-Timers)

Japan Weather in September 2023, Travel Tips (for First-Timers)

By RitaUpdated Jul. 13, 2023

Japan's autumn usually starts from September. The temperature decreases noticeably during the month.

September sees the second (heavier) rainy season (the typhoon season) hit central Japan, bringing highest rainfall months in central and northern Japan and typhoons, mostly in southern Japan.

Because of the wet weather, you'll benefit from the lowest costs and least crowds among the autumn months (September to November) in Japan.

Get more information about average temperatures, rainfall, and tips on where to go and what to wear in Japan in September below...

Japan Weather in September: Averages

Japan Weather in September
  • Temperature range: 20–27°C (68–81°F)
  • Rainfall: 200 mm (8 inches)
  • Rainy days: 10
  • Sunny days: 20

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Weather of Japan's Major Cities in September

Japan City Min. Temp Max. Temp Rainfall
Sapporo 15°C (59°F) 23°C (73°F) 142 mm (6 in)
Tokyo 20°C (68°F) 31°C (88°F) 225 mm (9 in)
Kyoto 21°C (69°F) 29°C (85°F) 179 mm (7 in)
Osaka 22°C (72°F) 30°C (86°F) 153 mm (6 in)
Hakone 18°C (64°F) 24°C (75°F) 160 mm (6 in)
Nara 19°C (66°F) 29°C (83°F) 159 mm (6 in)
Hiroshima 21°C (70°F) 29°C (84°F) 163 mm (6 in)
Okinawa 26°C (78°F) 31°C (87°F) 275 mm (11 in)

Hokkaido and Northern Japan: Autumn Colors Arrive

Lake views in northern Japan Lake views in northern Japan

In September, northern Japan becomes cool, with an average temperature of 18°C (64°F) by the end of the month. Although northern Japan escapes typhoons, you'll still encounter several rainy days, averaging around 170 mm (7 in).

Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, welcomes in colorful autumn foliage first, from late September. With mild weather, hiking in its mountains or national parks is the best way to appreciate it. Daisetsuzan National Park (featuring the highest mountain in Hokkaido) is a popular spot.

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Tokyo and Central Japan: Rainy but Quiet

Hot weather continues in central Japan in early September, but the temperature drops by 5°C (9°F) by the end of September. The daily highs average 28°C (82°F) in major cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima.

You may experience heavy rainfall in September. If you don't mind the risk of potentially rainy days, you're likely to have attractions to yourself, chances to climb Mt. Fuji before it closes in mid-September, and lower costs.

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Okinawa and Southern Japan: Typhoon Season Peaks

American Village in Okinawa American Village in Okinawa

Okinawa remains hot, peaking at 31°C (87°F) on average. On sunny days, you could still enjoy water activities, such as swimming, diving, and snorkeling, with the added bonus of fewer crowds.

September is the peak season for typhoons. You can expect heavy rainfall, but on the bright side, typhoons only last 2 or 3 days and are often followed by good weather.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Japan in September

5 Best Places to Visit in Japan in September

As the start of Japan's autumn, September is a good time to explore nature with fewer crowds and still a majority of sunny days. You could admire the first autumn leaves in Hokkaido or zigzag up Mt. Fuji.

Even on rainy days, you would find plenty to enjoy in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya — experiencing their interesting indoor activities, seasonal festivals, and futuristic inventions.

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Get your family to the heart of Japan's beauty:

1. Hokkaido: Autumn Colors and Drier Experiences

Autumn colors in mountains in Hokkaido Autumn colors in mountains in Hokkaido

In September, Hokkaido is cool and pleasant, averaging 22°C (72°F). Hokkaido experiences its wettest month with rainfall of 135 mm (5 in). But it is still drier than other cities in Japan.

If possible, visit Hokkaido in the second half of September. Autumn leaves appear from late September. The cooler weather is more comfortable to have a soak in its hot springs.

You could head to Toyako (southwest Hokkaido) for romantic lake-view-hot-spring experiences. The daily firework displays nearby are not to be missed between April and October.

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2. Tokyo: The Epitome of Japan

Watch a Sumo Tournament in Tokyo Watch a Sumo Tournament in Tokyo

Tokyo is the standout city of Japan as well as a popular starting point for a family trip or couple's vacation.

September is the wettest month in Tokyo with short intense bursts of rain. But your Tokyo trip won't lose its charm even then, as Tokyo is famous for indoor activities. You could try a special sushi-cooking class, visit digital art museums, and experience animated culture in theme parks (like Ghibli Park) and themed cafes/shops (Pokemon Center).

Tokyo's seasonal events are bonuses as well. Don't miss the annual Grand Sumo Tournament from mid-September. If you like games, the Tokyo Game Show, which is packed with the latest games and high-tech, could be your holiday highlight.

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3. Osaka: Exotic Festival & Less-Crowded Super Nintendo World

Playing games in the Super Nintendo World Playing games in the Super Nintendo World

Osaka is still affected by summer heat in September, with daily temperatures averaging 22–29°C (72–84°F).

If you're a theme park fan, you could enjoy a less-crowded Universal Studios and Super Nintendo World in September. You'll have chances to experience Halloween events inside the Studios from early September.

Looking for an exotic experience in September? Look no further than the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri. You'd watch thrilling team competitions involving maneuvering large wooden portable shrines called danjiri through winding streets.

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4. Mt. Fuji: A Breath-Taking Marvel

Sunrise over Mt. Fuji Sunrise over Mt. Fuji

Considering the weather, climbing Mt. Fuji is only available from July to September. Seize the last chance of the year to climb the iconic Japan mountain.

The mild weather makes it easier to climb without the challenges of the summer heat. Away from summer crowds, it's the perfect time to avoid the long queues.

For a more relaxing way to experience Mt. Fuji, you could see it from a sightseeing cruise, a cable car, or even a serene ryokan (a traditional inn with a hot spring bath).

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5. Nagoya: Futuristic Robotics and Formula 1

Cute cat bus in Nagoya Cute cat bus in Nagoya

Being a popular stop between Tokyo and Kyoto, Nagoya is mild and humid in September.

Nagoya is home to samurai and ninja culture, but Nagoya Castle tops the must-see list for a Nagoya trip.

It is also a hub for futuristic inventions and robotics, so your trip would not be complete without SCMAGLEV and Railway Park as well as Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

If you seek stimulating moments, check out the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix (September 22–24, 2023). See and hear the ultimate super cars travelling at speeds exceeding 300 kph (180 mph)!

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Will a Typhoon Affect My Trip in September?

Typhoons usually hit southern Japan more heavily than central and northern Japan. If you mainly visit the central cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka) or Hokkaido, your trip should be less affected.

A typhoon usually lasts one or two days, unless exceptionally strong and damaging. But you're likely to have clear skies and crisp air before/after it.

During a typhoon, flights or trains might be delayed. So, leaving some flexibility is advisable for potential itinerary changes.

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Costs and Crowding in September

Make your own sushi Make your own sushi

After summer holidays end in August, September tends to be a quieter month, when you can expect smaller crowds at attractions, especially at the world-famous ones.

Similarly, you would also get better prices for flights and hotels. Thus, travelling in September would be more affordable.

Further reading about the best times to visit Japan: for the most comfortable weather, for the lowest crowds...

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What to Pack in September

The weather turns from hot to warm/mild in September, so you could take your summer clothes for daytime activities if you're moving around, but carry something warmer to wear (e.g. a fleece jacket or hoodie) for evenings or if you find yourself getting cool. Warm layers are suggested if you plan to visit cooler North Japan.

As the second rainy season peaks in September in Japan, you're suggested to take rain gear and sandals.

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Monthly Weather and Travel Information for Japan

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